What is high ticket closer?

What is high ticket closer?

I have previously blogged about why promoting high ticket products is something that you should be doing ,and the benefits with high ticket sales is something you should include in your promotions online.

So what is high ticket closer, what is a high ticket closer is connected to my earlier posts about high ticket sales.

A high ticket closer is a person that you pay money for helping you to make more sales for the high ticket offer that you are promoting. So you pay the closer a fee but in return you will hopefully make more money yourself in the long run

What is high ticket closer. well that question is something you can find more answers to in the video below also.

What is high ticket closer

Why high ticket products?

The reasons to why you should promote high ticket products are simple… Becauser you will make money faster simply because you will make more money on each sale you make. I guess you have heard the expression “work smarter not harder”, well promoting high ticket items is the smarter way of making money online. A high ticket product costs more money then a regular product for a lower price but also adds more value then cheaper products. You can build up a income buy promoting low ticket products, but it takes longer time and more work on your part. Many people i think, believes that is almost inmpossible to sell high ticket products. That does not have to be the case always… Because if you tell your prospects what your product can help them with and what it will do for them, then many of them will buy from you.

What is high ticket closer
What is high ticket closer

The expense…

To be bale to make those higher commissions formpromoting high ticket products requires in most cases that you need to pay money to be able to promote that product. But the key is not to think to much about your cost, instead think about what those commissions will create for you in form of freedom in different ways.

The funnel

But then you need to know how to so to say deliver that message to them. What I am getting at is that sometimes it gets easier to sell something with a good sales funnel. In this case a high converting high ticket sales funnel that in a big part does the selling for you. Here is a free video that explains the very sales funnel that I am using personally…

I hope you have found some answers to the question; what is ticket closer, and also that you have learned more about high ticket products and how to promote them.


Tommy Olsson

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