High ticket sales funnel-Making sales with a high ticket sales funnel

High ticket sales funnel and why we need to promote high ticket products as marketers.

And that we should use a high ticket sales funnel to make closing the sales easier for us.

That is what I will blog about in this article here…

It seems that so many people thinks that is so very hard and way too complicated to sell high ticket products or items. I used to think that way myself earlier , I was one of those people that high ticket products just wasn’t for me to promote… But I have changed my mind about this and the high ticket sales funnel or funnels can actually make selliing high ticket items easy in fact. And I am totally serious here… Watch the video below where I am sharing the need of promoting high ticket products and I am also sharing my high ticket sales funnel with you as well…

The time and effort

Let me put it this way… if you are going to only promote for instance 10 dollar products insted of a high ticket products such as the one I am a member of and mentioning in the video, then you will have to work so much harder for less money. Because the high ticket partnering opportunity as a Wifi partner which I am a member of, you get paid 500 dollars per sale. Then consider how many 10 dollar sales you must generate to make that 500 dollars. It may take a whole lot of work on your part, especially if you mainly are using free marketing tactics… Yes it costs money to become a Wifi partner, but to me it is totally worth it considering the earning potential.

high ticket sales funnel
High ticket sales funnel

Not only that…

And not only that ,but for the sake of the training inside the members area the and weekly training sessions as well. You will get access to a 6 figure high ticket sales funnel and they will teach you the best methods on how to use free and paid traffic that you drive to your funnel. Their system makes it easier for you to closing the sales. They will also share their best free marketing methods that they use on a social site themselves. The top earners I am talking about here are Angela and Ben Martin. I have learned so much new approaches to marketing since I became a Wifi Partner member. I am not going to twist your arm to make you become a Wifi partner, I am just shatring my experiences here. But here is a video presentation that described this whole partner opportunity…

I have now shared the benefits and why you should do high ticket sales and a high ticket sales funnel with the Wifi partner program, now it is your decision to make if this is something you want to work with.


Tommy Olsson

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