Truth on can money buy happiness?

Can money buy happiness?

My opinion is clear about this question.

My answer to can money buy happiness is a clear ; no it can not… To find out my reasons about why i think so then continue to read…

Good or bad?

Money is a good thing it can create freedom or more freedom in someones life, that I can agreee with. But in my world,money does not equals happiness. You do not have to agree with me but this is how I feel Can money buy happinessabout it… Can money buy happiness? No absolutely not. But yes, money can buy a lot of things but  true happiness is not one of them. Money is not the answer to all problems that a person may encounter in their life, however should you want to make some extra money or more online, then here is your free report


I believe that there are som rich, very rich people out there that are not really happy,so this is a proof of what I believe. A d as you know by know i do not think that money can buy happiness. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic as a comment to this blogpost. Money can make it so that people can enjoy their life more, they can take vacations when ever they want to, they can buy those expensive items that they want to have. Or they can buy expensive gifts for that someone that they love. But can money buy happiness despite that? I do not think so, let me give you a few examples… If a person are hurt inside if they are depressed then all that money will not make them happier at that point in their lives. Sure ,money can buy good medical treatment but is not the same thing s buying happiness. The same goes for when a Can money buy happinessperson hs a lethal illness, they can get good medical care for their money, but that does not help in the end anyway. Happiness is not something that are for sale, not if you ask me. But most people want to have a better financial situation to get more freedom that is true… But money isn’t everything. Check out my video on this blogpost where I give my answers to can money buy happiness, as well. If you do not share my opinion about money and happines then that is fine of course. I just wanted to share my personal thoughts with this blogpost. Thank you for reading and welcome back to check out more of my content.


Tommy Olsson

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