Escaping shiny object syndrome-the truth

Shiny object syndrome is something that I believe that many people are falling or have been falling victim to unfortunally.

But  for starters, what is shiny object syndrome?

To me shiny object syndrome is when someone that already has a main business, gets tempted by another new businesss, because they believe that the grass is greener on the other side. But in most cases they are ending up finding out that it is not true… they end up disapointed and frustrated in many cases, when they realize that all the promises they where given wasn’t anything more then lies. People are jumping from one shiny object to the other, with the same disapointing results.People fall for these shiny objects because they hope to make some fast and easy cash,or to finally have a breakthrough and make some big money online.. They hope to be rich quick and be able to quit their jobs even.

Shiny object syndrome

What to do?

So what should you do then to get away from and getting out of the shiny object syndrome? Well.for starters focus on the very business you are in and do not get confused and distracted by these shiny objects, that promises to solve all your financial problems and worries. If you are into a business that are legit and trustworthy and that has made others money and maybe a lot of money, then it should work for you as well as lomg as you really work that business. So focus on that business instead of all those new hyped up bz ops that may cross your path. Check out the video above to get the whole picture about the shiny object syndrome, and how to escape it for good…

How to water it correctly

Now going back to the saying that the grass is greener on the ohter side; the grass is green where you water it. that means that you should focus on the very business that you are in. If you are frustrated with your lack of results well try to  handle it and educate yourself more about marketing startegies that truly works, because to sign up for the shiny objects is not a very good solution. Be patient and keep learning more about successfully marketing and closing sales. Should you be interested in another busiess that is not a shiny object, then make sure to make your first main business profitable first. Multiple income streams are great, but the timing needs also to be right for you… And when building multiple income streams a system is very useful.So remember to stay away from shiny objects, because all that glitters aren’t gold.


Tommy Olsson

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