Clickfunnel tutorial-how to set up a funnel

In this Clickfunnel tutorial I will share with you the simple steps

on how to set up your very first funnel. If it seem complicated to you now, I do not think it will be when you have read this Clickfunnel tutorial. At least I hope not…

Now. clickfunnel is a landing page and funnel builder software  that you even can create membership sites with, is created and owned by this young millionaire Russel Brunsson. His softaware Clickfunnels works in a easy to easu drag and drop manor.

The benefits of the badge…

In my video above you will be able to see with your own eyes how that really is… By the way if you are already a Clickfunnel affiliate or if you want make more commissions through the Clickfunnel affiliate program,then here is a free  automated system for you… Speaking of affilaite commissions, did you know that you can have a Clickfunnel badge on ever capture or landingpage you make? This increases your chances of making more commissions. This also means that while you are building your list and building your main business, you are able to earn some Clickfunnel commissions as well. But back to setting up your first Funnel with Clickfunnels now…


To set up your first Clickfunnel funnel here is basically all you need to do:

  • Log in to Clickfunnels
  • Click on create new funnel
  • Then follow the step by step intsructions that I am sharing in the Clickfunnels tutorial video above

Clickfunnels tutorial

The membership

If there is something you feel like I do not cover in my Clickfunnels tutorial then you can always click on the support tab in the members area, they have also step by step video tutorials inside Clickfunnels that more or lessexplains everything about how all features works. If you do not owna Clickfunnels membership yet and feel its too pricy then I can see where you coming from. Ater the 14 day free trial you have too Clickfunnels tutorialpay 97 dollars a month. That is not any small potatoes if you have a limited budget. But that is why I shared the link to a free system earlier that will help you to make money with Clickfunnels during your 14 day free trial. And shouldn’t you be pleased with Clickfunnels during these 14 says then all you have to do is contact support and ask them to cancel your account. But try to make the most of your free trial so that you can cover your fee, because it will be worth it.. Because you only need two paid sign ups to cover your fee. There are more in expensive options when it comes to creating capture pages, but to me, Clickfunnels is the most beneficial and easy to use that I have come across. But that is my personal opinion. In any case I hope you benefit to taking part and reading my Clickfunnel tutorial here.



Tommy Olsson.

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