How much is a lead worth?

How much is a lead worth?

How much is a business lead worth? What I will reveal in this blogpost may or may not surprise you…

Have you ever wondered how much is a lead worth, and how much money you could potentially earn from a lead?

How much you could potentially be making from a lead in your business actually varies depending on different factors that I will now reveal. One important factor to take into consideration is actually the quality of the lead. That means if the lead will buy anything from you in the future to come,or if that particular lead are in fact just looking for freebees. Because no matter how you see it, there always will be so called freebee seekers… But then again there are also other things to consider when we talking about how much is a lead worth.

Those important emails

What is a lead worthIt also has to do with how well you are communicating with your leads and subscribers. it has to to your level of expertise when we are talking email adcopy writing. A basic rule is that you never ever should bore your subscriber, to bore your list of subscribers is a so called great sin when it comes to email marketing. Instead you should entertain your list of subscribers and make it fun for them to read your emails. You can use your sense of humor and other things through your emails.- Because you can make a lot of money with email marketing when you know how. The main thing is that you take action and keep putting yopur emails out there.


Getting answers

Now to get answers to the question “how much is a lead wort?” Well some say that every lead is worth one dollar. So you then will`potentially make one dollar for every lead. However,some leads you will not make a single dollar from and to be clear, you actually can make more then just one dollar from some of the leads. That has to do with your marketing skills really… As you keep on emailing your leads and if you have great ad copies then you can in fact make so much more then just that one dollar from your leads. That is how I see it. So basically, how much money you wil make from your leads and from your list has everything to do what you will do with your leads. if you do nothing, well then you will earn nothing… That makes sense ,right? I have blogged about Cpa and Cpa marketing before and I believe that Cpa is the easiest way to make money with leads. Simply because some Cpa vendors actually pays you for generating leads.

What is a lead worth

So as a conclusion…

The fact that some marketers are saying that a lead is worth one dollar, doesn’t necessary have to be true. A lead can be worth more then that and sometimes way more then that. But to make any money from your leads you of course need to take proper action. Otherwise nothing will happen,and you will not make any more money.



Tommy Olsson.

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