Build it and they will come?

Build it and they will come.

this is a saying that are being used in different situations. In movies like “Fields of dreams” from the year 1989.. But the very meaning of build it and they will come that this blogpost will be about,

is when the saying is adressed to online marketing and making money online.

The modification of it all

Because then the saying build it and they will come have two meanings to it all. This saying turns almost into a truth with modification actually. Let me explain what I mean by this… Because of course will people Build it and they will comenotice you and come to you for advice and help once you have branded yourself as a leader in your field of work. oif course people then will trust you and listen to what you have to say. But that is not enough regardless if you want to make the big money online… There is one important thing that any online marketer needs, no matter how succesful they are. So what is this major thing that we all need then? TRAFFIC!

Get fueled up…

Becauwse without traffic our businesses will more or less vanish and die. Traffic and leads are as you know the fuel for any online business. Without it then we we don’t make much money. It is as  simple as that really. When it comes to traffic we of course want to generate only targeted quality traffic of course. So then, how do we accomplish that? Here is a shortcut to get more of that targeted quality traffic… Because position ourselves as experts in out niche is very important,and it will really will benefit us. But still, it ios simply not enough, we constantly also need to generate traffic to our businesses and offers. don’t you Build it and they will comeagree? e can’t sit online all around the clock to try to get those sign ups, we must get in on the automation process, and once again; there is where that traffic comes into play.So build it and they will come, yeah sure they will come but we want as money people as possible to notice us,and there is where the quality traffic comes in. Yes quality because nobody wants low quality traffic that never converts or mke us ny money.Free traffi actually works sometimes, but it depends on what type of free traffic we are talking about. To find out more about this imply click the link I posted previously in this post… No matter if you are using only free methods of generating leads you need to generate pretty many of those leads weekly to take your earnings to another level. Free methods generally takes longer time before we see results, and if you want to step it up in speed then invest in some type of paid traffic as well. When you have made some profit, take the most of that profit and re invest it back into your business so that you will build up your profit faster.. So yeah you should build it,build it and they will come. But build it in various ways as I have desrcibed here in this blogpost.



Tommy Olsson.

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