How to really make money with Instagram

Make money with Instagram.

Were you aware of the possibilities with Instagram and do you know how to

make money with Instagram?

In any case I will now share some tips on how to effectively make money with Instagram.

The facts

For starters before going to  how to make money with Instagram, here are some facts that you might be interested in about Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook and it was launched back in  in October 2010 and then it was available exclusively on IOS. According to Wikipedia at November last year Instagrom had about 800 billion users, that is pretty impressive. Instagram has grown steady since it launched with more and more people joining this social network. In October 2015, more then 40 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram.  Besides images, you are also able to share videos on Instagram. . A thing to Make money with instagramremember that of all these Instagrm user,not everyone are interested in making money online, but many of the are. That is why Instagram is such a great resource for anyone involved with a home based online business.


Do’s and donts

As on any social site never spam anybody,do not imbox people ina spammy way that will just make people avoid you. Instead use attraction marketing and create a curiousit for yourself as well as what you are promoting and sharing. Using attraction marketing is one of the best ways actually to generate leads and sales with. Tjis way you don’t have to search for prospects, they will come to you… Instagram is all about sharing images and it is therefor a must to share quality images,otherwise you will not gain any followers more or less. You will not makea postive impression if you share blurry or low quality images. So never upload such images.


Lead generation at Instagram

At your profile section you should add a text that will make other users curious and share an url to a capture page where ypu offer a free report or similar ,so that you will be building your list. Less is more so basically do not write to much in the description,this to create curiouisity.


Make money with instagram


The hashtags

Hashtags i are clickable “links” and when people are searching for your hashtags they will be able to find your content. So hashtags is very powerful when wanting to generate traffic an exposure at Instagram. A hashtag is a hashtag symbol followed by a word or multiple word after one another ,like for instance #makemoneyonline. You should enter your hashtags in the description section with each image you are sharing,but not only a hashtag. You should write an descpription to make  the post  more interesting as well.


Instagram training

There are many tools and trainings to make it easier for you to make money with Instagram. this is the Instagram training that I can truly recommend.

Instagram is one of my favorite platforms when it comes to lead generation and making sales, and I hope this article has been valuable to you,so that you too can start to  make money with Instagram.



Tommy Olsson

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