What is a Ws domain name?

What is a WS domain name?

Well it is as good and useful as a.com, .net or whatever ending of your domain name that you choose to have.

The ws domain names are offered by Gdi, Global Domains International.

Gdi offers a 7 day free trial for anyone that are interested in their services. Through GDI you are even able to flip your ws domains for profit. And again, the ws domains are not any less good then a .com domain name. If you can’t find your speciific domain name else where then it will be worth to look into the ws domain names. 1000’s of ws domains are in fact being registrered daily.  You are able to forward your ws domain inside the Gdi members area, anywhere you want to. After using your 7 day free trial you are able to enjoy the tools within Gdi for just 10 dollars a month. Then you have access to your own domain name. a authority blog a easy to use website builder, email adresses and so on. So for then bucks you have your own complete business…

The earning potential

You can actually make money through getting a ws domain, and then I am not just talking about flipping domains for profit at GDI. So, to find out if people are really making money with GDI, and tohow successful other Gdi members are, then go over here and read the testimonials… 

To get a helping hand building your Global Domains International business, then head over here…


Ws Domain

The history of WS

Back in the year 2008 Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir the founders of Gdi, where researching if their was other domain endings then just the mostly used .com. They ended up focusing on the domain extension .WS – which belongs to the tiny island nation of Samoa.   Michael and Alan looked at the WS domain as a top level domain for the future. They had meetings with the leaders in samoa regarding claiming the Ws extension and the negotiations went successful and the rest is history ,so to speak… Anyhow, In November 2000,, GDI announced it had sold over 100,000 .WS registrations to customers such as Yahoo!, Intel, Cisco, Dell Computers, and other companies and individuals in more than 180 different countries. To add to that, In the 2002 Special issue of Inc. magazine, GDI was placed at #37 on the Inc. 500 “List” of the USA’s 500 fastest growing private companies .


It is not just the domains…

So as you can see GDI isn’t just about powerful ws domain names, they delivers the tools that every online marketer needs as well, through their other products. If you are missing some of the marketing resources that I have mentioned in this article, then why not take action now through the links ttached to this post?


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