What is a online marketing guru?

What is a online marketing guru?

You have probably heard the word guru or online marketing guru several times already. So in this blog post I will share with you my own thoughts about what a online marketing guru really is… You don’t have to agree with my opinions of course, but this is how I look at it.

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The history

in the past have unfortunally these so called gurus acted selfishly and hyped up their business opportinities and softwares etc and claimed a way to high  of a fee for their products, and they may even have scammed people for their hard earned cash. Tjhis has lead to a bad reputation sometimes for the whole whole online marketing sphere. And their behavior have made it more difficult for us legit online marketers and online entrepreneurs. However, their are another side of the coin when it comes to the definition of the online marketing guru…. a online marketing guru in my eyes, does not have to be connected to a negative feeling or experience.

Online marketing guru

Another side to the story…

A part fromt he negaive experiences with the so called online marketing gurus I belive that a guru like this can be explained ina different way as well. That can be a person with a lot of quality knowledge regarding how to make money online,knowledge that can help anyone to make money more effectively. So a online marketing guru does not have to be some kind of evil totally selfish person. Not in my book anyway… Because there are marketers that actually wants to share with other people what they do know. So it is two sides of the coin. Because to make more money online; you need to get around those people that are having the results that you also want to have, and learn from them. But of sourse, there are selfish peopleand there always will be I think,but then again there are people who aren’t as well.


So ways that you can look at a online marketing guru is;

  • Do not make assumptions about hem before you know the total  truth
  • If they are honorable and you trust them, and willing to share their knowledge, then learn from them
  • Do not question so much if what they are sharing works,if they make money from it you will probably as well.
  • Apply what they are willing to share with you so that you too can make more money.

Feel free to leave  your thoughts about this subject in the comment section. Now, make it a great day.



Tommy Olsson.

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