2 tips on how to generate leads for your business

To generate leads is what we should be doing at all times for the sake of our businesses.

But what are som of the best ways when it comes to how to generate leads, targeted leads?

I will now be sharing a few of the lead generating strategies that have proven to work for myself personally. These methods on how to generate leads I am sure will work for you as well.

By the way, make sure that you really watch the entire video above,because i share a golden nugget at the end of it ,that has to do with how to generate leads daily….

Blogging and value…

A low cost investment when it comes to marketing and lead generation is to have your own blog, and I recommend you get a wordoress blog with your own hosting attached to it. This way you will have more control over your blog then if you have a free blog at a blogging platform like blogger or wordpress. To generate leads through your blog you should of course have an opt in form on your blog ehere you are sharing a free  newsletter of some type. To increase your amounts of subsbribers to your newsletter you should offer your subscribers a free gift; a so called lead magnet. The free gift should be of good quality as well. Otherwise you can sabotage your reputation as a successful serious marketer. You should blog often ,at least 3-4 times a week sharing  alot of value through your blog posts. Why would you want to be doing this?  Because by doing this often people will look at you as an  authority and the go to person to get their questions answered. At the same time you should motivate your readers to subscribe to your newsletter at your blog, to get their hands on your free valuable gift. The free gift can be a ebook; a ebook you have written or a ebook by someone else, a audio recording that you have done on something you have learned within marketing for instance. Basically, something that will educate your subscribers about something they can benefit from.


How to generate leads

Paid strategies

When you have some profits though the free methods like blogging, I suggest that you invest most of it in paid ways to build your list further. There are many paid strategies when it comes to how to generate leads, I will be sharing one such staregy right now with you… That is about using a good capture page and sending wuality traffic to it. And you will also offer a free gift through this way of marketing to your subscribers. You will get the quality traffic by using solo ads,bing ads or facebook ads for instance. There are many capture page softwares out there that you can use for creating your capture pages, some of them also offers a free trial for starters. This way you can test the software before deciding if you want to invest in it. If you have found value by reading this then let me know through the comment section, thank you.



Tommy Olsson.

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