What is Cpa? Sharing tips on cpa marketing

What is Cpa?

That is what todays blogpost will be about.


I am doing Cpa  and cpa marketing myself and will be sharing what I jave learned about Cpa and cpa marketing in this article.

So what is cpa then?

Cpa is short for “cost per action” or  “cost per acquisition”. What that means when it comes to cpa marketing is thata vendor that have created a cpa product paid their affiliates when their website vistors and/ or leads performs certain  tasks. A cpa vendor offers commissions for this because they aim to promote different product to the leads that you will generate. So it is a win-win situation for both the vendor and the affiliate as they are both profiting.

Example of such tasks can be;

  • Sale
  • Clicks
  • Form Submit

Check out the video on top of this article and click here to learn more about Cpa…

Now to the tips when it comes to what is cpa and cpa marketing;

Although many vendors offers commissions to their affiliates when the simply generate leads , you need to think of the quality of the leads that you are generating. Because a cpa vendor will not pay you commissions if your leads are of low quality. A low quality lead can for instance be people that never invest and purchase a product from the vendor,or someone that creates an account at a business opportunity and later deletes it without taking action.It can also involve leads that enter fake email adresses, this mmeans that a real person will never receive the emails form the vendor or from the affiliate/sponsor. By generating low quality leads it can turn out this way that at first you generate a pending commission for those leads but then later they get unapproved because of their low quality. So we always need to go for quality leads to make money through cpa offers.

What is cpa

You also should build your own capture page and not just drive trafic to the vendors capture/ landing pages. Why? Because then you will build your own list of possible buyers that you can promote many other product to later on. Otherwise the leads will just receive emails from the vendor and you will have no control 7advantage of the leads that you have been generating. By the wat, the offer that I am mentioning in the video can be accessed here….

Recommended traffic sources

The traffic sources that I recommend that you use for cpa offers are facebook ads, Bing ads, Google adwords ads, Youtbe ads. Sometimes sharing the value of your cpa offer on social media by just connecting with people and sharing value about the offer, can work as well. Otherwise I recommend the paid options that I just mentioned. I hope you have found this article helpful to teach you more about Cpa and cpa marketing.


Tommy Olsson.

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