Do what you preach, are you?

Do what you preach, are you doing that?

If you preach to your followers and your audience as a online marketer regarding that they need to do some things to be successful in business,

and you are not doing it yourself then you are not really honest are you? If you want to be considered to be a real professional

then you must do what you preach, no excuses…

If you for instance are teaching people the importance of branding and you are not really branding yourself or your company that much, then you need to re consider your actions, or the lack of there of.. Hey, be sure to grab your free money making newsletter here…

Do what you preach

If you are not doing it. then why should they?

Do not preach about the importance of using a photo of yourself on different social media platoforms ,if you personally are using an image of a animal or a cartoon character. Because people want to talk to YOU and not a mickey mouse image or a image of an animal. Do not claim to be a 5 figure earner if you only have made small amounts of money, because the truth will be exposed sooner or later anyway. Besides posting fake income proofs are very unethical and that will devastate your reputation seriously when the truth will be revealed. And the truth always comes out in the end. Be honest and real and transparent when you are branding yourself and sharing value with your audience.

The kind of person people turns to…

Because people want to turn to a honest real person that is authentic, and that are doingwhat they preaches. there is nothing wrong with posting income proofs,in fact  itis a great way to make more sales,as long as they are truthful. Showing proof of earnings shows people that you in fact do what you preach, that you really are making the amounts of money that you claim to be making… Poeple want to join up in business with successful people that are telling the truth…Nobody wants to listen to a liar. Besides how will people learn to make a lot of money from someone that maybe are struggling to make any sales at all?

If you do not do what you preach, then why should people be willing to turn to you for advice?? That doesn’t make sense does it? Never make a half done job, go all the way and come out as an professional and a expert in your field of work… Be consistent and keep branding yourself asa professional and live as you learn; dowhat you preach and I’m sure

you will see the results coming in for you.



Tommy Olsson.

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