What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

You have heard the expression,but what does it mean?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is like thepage you will so to say land on when someone promotes/ markets something and when the visitor clicks a link in some kind of promotion.  It could be marketing of a business, a software or pretty much anything. A landfing page can also have a link that directs the visitor of the landing page to a shopping chart. A landing pages purpose is to collect leads for the marketer and in the long run, to make sales… Read more about landing pages here. A landing page can also be called a capture page, destination page and/or squeeze page.

Why is having a landing page so crucial?

Well, having a good high converting landing page or not is the differnce between failure and success for any online marketer.  When setting up adwords and bing ads campaigns having a really good landing page decides of your campaigns are going to be really profitable or not. The level of how good a landing page is are being measuredthrough Ctr; click through rate.That has also to do with the quality of your ads of course. Below you can view an example of a landing page…


What is a landing page




Different kind of builders…

There are different companies online that offers different types ofl anding page builders, so there is plenty of themto choose from. Like for instance Click funnels, Instapages,Insta builder, Power lead system etc… A landing page should have a good and powerful call to action to motivate the visitor to fil lin the opt in form on the particular landing page.

So as a summary, what is a landing page?

  • A landing page is the first page a visitor comes to after clicking a link in some kind of promotion.
  • A landing page can also be called a captore page, squeeze page or destination page.
  • Having a great landing page is so important for any marketer to have.
  • Having a good landing page or not is the difference between success or failure in order to make sales in your business.
  • If you are a online marketer and care about your business success then you simply need to be using a landing page , and a good one as well.

Now I hope you feel that you have received some good answers to the question “what is a landing page?”



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