Yoonla and the Yoonla app, what’s up with that?

Yoonla,whats new?

Yoonla whats new?
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I guess that you maybe have heard about Yoonla before?

if not then Yoonla i is a Cpa platform, something that I also have blogged about earlier…

But in this article I will focus mostly on the Yoonla app and explain what it is.

As you probablky know, having a well converting capture page a page that convert visitors into leads, and then converting those leads into customers is so very important for any marketer.

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Now, yoonla provides a standard very well looking capture page to all its members that they can use to start promoting their business at once. However, with this Yoonla app you are Yoonlaable to edit and create your own capture page,so that you can stand out from all those other yoonla members that are out there promoting. How do you set up the app so that you can upload your original unique landing page /capture page then? Well, that is shown inside the members area through the step by step instructions there. It may sound complicated but it really isnät that complicated to set this Yoonla app up the correct way. You have the step by step video training to go back to,time and time again if you should need to. If you should have any problems setting it up then just submit a support ticket and the support staff will reply to you quickly. IUf they have a lot to do at the support desk then it may take up to 3 days before they replies,but I have always got help within one day when I have needed their help. But if you follow the steps to set the app up then you should be okay because the system is newbie friendly and so is the different trainings inside.


Through the Yoonla app you will be able to set up your landingpage’s:

  • Seo settings, choose the keywords for your page etc.
  • Edit your main headline
  • Choose your optin headline
  • Your footer text
  • Your Getresponse listtoken id

The getresponse list token id is so that your autoresponder campaign with Yoonla start to sending out your follow up letters to the leads you generate.

Yoonla uses Getresponse only for its system for now. Now talking about follow up email letters, you will access well converting email samples inside the Yoonla members area as well…

So this is pretty much what the Yoonla app involves.



Tommy Olsson.

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