What is a capture page and why do you need one?

What is a capture page and why do you really need one?


In this article I will describe what a capture page is and why it i so very important to use capture pages if you want to make money online.

So what is a capture page?

A capture page is a landing page  that has the purpose of collecting and capturing the  subscribers email adresses and in some cases,other information as well.

Sometimes it is just a field for the leads/subscriberes email adress, this is because that improves the opt in rate of the capture page. People are more willling to fill in the opt in form if they do not have to fill out that many details. But sometimes some marketers has a field for the leads name as well and /or phone number for instance.


what is a capture page


The fortune is in the follow up & the money is in the list.

Have you heard about these two stements? The fortune is in the follow up and the money is in the list? Well they are so very true… if you are not building your list and using capture pages you will be leaving a lot of money on the table,and you will also make marketing do much harder for you then it needs to be… Anyone who takes their marketing and business seriously should build their list and it gets so much easier when using capture pages. So what is a capture page? It is simply a resource and tool that we as marketers can’t do without. what is a capture pageThat’s the truth… To have a capture page is not enough it should be well converting as well of course. So that is why we need to track the conversion when using capture pages. because how will we otherwise know if it works properly or if we must tweak it a bit to get better results with it?Test, tweak and track is what we must be doing to take it to the next level in our business. The fortune is in the follow up,yes when you become good at ad copywriting then you make a big profit through simply emailing your list. So if you aren’t that good at writing emails then I would advice you to invest ina copywriting course in order for you to make the big bucks through your list. It is possible to really profit from your list but you need to be good at writing those emails also. By the way, have you subscribed to my free newsletter? Otherwise you can do so here... If you are not using capture pages when marketing then you need to get one right away, because otherwise you will be working way to hard for those comissions of yours. We should make things easy and smooth for ourselves and not the other way around.


Tommy Olsson.

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