What face are you showing through social media?

What face are you showing at social media?

What impression are you making on social media?

Have you thought about that? How we come across as online marketers and the kind of impression we make on people, is something we need to think about carefully … the impression that we are making has everything to do with the level of success that we will achieve. Does that make sense to you? Because when we are going though a bad day we should never let our bad mood show when we are communicating with potential buyers or if you want; leads. That will just make people run the other way when they see you coming… We want to be attracting people to ourselves and our busineses, and not the opposite, make them stay away. So be careful what face you are showing to people on social media, always show your so called “best side”. Ps, by the way ,make sure to watch this. The following things is what you need to stay away talking about on  social media:

  • Don’tcomplain about problems that you are gpoing through, no matter what those problems are about.
  • Stay away from negative statements in general, that is not something that people will  have any interest in hearing ,and it won’t do anything good for your business.
  • Avoid talking about politics and religion,that can be be sensitive topics for some people.

What to do instead…


social mediaPeople are not interested to hear about negative things  and negative opinions. instead you need to be a source of inspiration for your audience. It is a must if you want to be making more money online. You need to enthuse people… Spread positive thoughts. To atract people towards yourself act and be a leader. do not complain about stuff that is going on in your life.or things that have happend in your past. those past events isn’t something you can undo anyway. Talk it out with a good friend but do not adress in on social media. Because you just can’t complain about things and be negative one day, and the next act totally motivated and inspired about your business and trying to make a positive impression. That doesn’t work. People are not fooled that easy…

Act like one if you want to be one

if you want to be regarded as a leader then you need to act like one… Everyone has bad moment in their life but just dont talk about them on social media try to see solutions and don’t get stcuk dwelling on problems. So be careful about the impresion you are making and always show your best face, your best side on social media.. Because if you do not,well then you will have to wait for any big success quite a while… A happy face always beats a sad and/or angry face.



Tommy Olsson.

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