Yoonla what happened to Yoonla?

Yoonla, what happened to yoonla?

Maybe you have noticed that it is has been a bit quiet about Yoonla lately?


At least it has been  more silent regarding promotions of Yoonla lately. There is a reason for that, and I will now explain what that reason is.

Still alive

It is not that Yoonla has shut down or something like that. On the contrary it has so to say taking a pause for a while because it willl launch its improved version of Yoonla, the Phase two of Yoonla on the 21th of February. I am one of the members of Yoonla that are waiting patently for this phase 2 with great excitement… The man behind this cpa platform  goes by the name of Reno Van Boven. Yoonla offers great marketing training in a step by step manor so that anyone despite of level experience can get better at marketing and make more money online.


The program also motivates people to create their own digital products to increase their success online and earnings even further.,and provides training to help people to succeed with that. Yoonla has offered a easy way for anyone to make money as they pay out commission for every lead that members generates to this system.


YoonlaNow the phase 2 is approaching.. The phase 2 is called Yoonla Evolve. It will make it so, that even more people having more success in making money through this cpa platform. I personally do not know all details with the phase 2 but it is going to be interesting what it will mean for everyone that are into this platform. I just know that this new phase 2 will be something out of the ordinary and really beneficial for everyone. Sign up for my free newsletter on this blog to get updated about the news about Yoonla and more… You can find the opt in form on the right side of this blog… Sometimes people can get irritated  when a new launch like this is not launching at the date they was first told it was going to launch. But with a big upgrade like this with a business like this, I believe we must try our best to be patient. There are many pieces that must fit in with each other. It is better to try to be positive even though I understand that people are eager to get started with the phase 2 and may get frustrated of the waiting..


But no Yoonla is not shutting down it is not going anywhere, it is very alive and things are about to get even better with this cpa platform. So stay tuned and get ready for it…

Make it a great day.



Tommy Olsson.

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