What does remarketing mean and why is it so beneficial for you?

What does remarketing mean?

What does remarketing mean and why is it so important for you as a online business owner?

That is what I will explain in todays blogpost…

Remarketing makes it so, that when someone have visited your landing page you have set up with for instance Bing ads and they do not subscribe, later when they will visit other webpages online then they will  see your advert again. This means that you can so to say get more bang for your bucks. To not use What does remarketing meanremarketing and retargeting, well then you are leaving money on the table.  We all as online marketers wants to make as many sales as possible, and by using remarketing you can accomplish just that. At first when people are viewing you landingpage they might not take desired actions, but by using remarketing they might opt in on your page the next time they see it online.  So what does remarketing mean? Well it is a effective way to generate repeated traffic to what ever you are promoting. For free marketing tips click here…

How it is done

To benefit from retargeting and remarketing you can use a pixel from facebook for instance. You will enter the code for that pixel into your landingpage and later on you will be able to remarket/retarget your visitors. This because your site will drop an  browser cookie when people are visiting your page.  It is not that diffcult to set up. Retargeting this way is a pretty cheap marketing strategy as well. A thing to remember is that you will not be able to retarget your visitors at once, you need to have a certain number of visitors before it starts to retarget those people that have visited your pages. You need to have around 300 people that you are collecting data from before the retargeting starts off. So if youre excited and interested about retargeting then a good idea is to start start to set up your Facebook ad pixel right away… What does remarketing mean

Other ways…

There are other resources when it comes to retargeting like for instance adwords. But it works pretty much the same way as I have explained now. You simply add a javascript code into your landing page and of course setting up a budget and campaign for your remarketing advertising. You can for instance advertise on Googles Gmail and retarget this way as well. When people are signed in to their email accounts they will see your ads on the side there.  Besides using pixels on your landingpages, remarketing also includes your autoresponder follow ups to your leads. Because you make them realize the benefits with your product or service through multiple messages. But if you are looking to build your list further, then using the tips that I have just shared with your regarding ad pixels is a great way to build that list.


So make sure to take advantage of remarketing especially if you have a limited advertising budget because it is a low cost strategy to be using remarketing.



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