Are you setting goals for the new year?

Setting Goals for the new year.

Are you doing that, are you setting goals for the new year?

Or are you just keep working and hoping everything will turn out fine? If you do then I think you need to re consider. It is never a good idea to leave success to chance, especially not if you are building a business and a income online. Luck or chance doesn’t exist or shouldn’t exist in your mind if you really want to become a great online marketer. When we want to have something, when we want to accomplish to keep our focus ,determination and excitement up we need to set goals.

Do it now…

So yes, you should be setting goals for the new year.  If you haven’t set up any goals for the new year yet I would recommend you to do so. It is a great thing to plan a head , you might even set up goals for the whole next year, just to make sure that you indeed will be changing your situation for the better and become more successful in what ever you are doing….  Set up a goal for every month for instance, then you will have something to focus on, maybe you will not reach that goal within the time frame you have set up for yourself, but at least you will be focused on something very clear, But what kind of goals then? Short term goals as well as long term goals. Set up small goals and bigger goals,but not to small or not to big goals either…

Setting goals for the new year

No to small not to big.

Do not sell yourself short and set to low or small goals, then you will not be motivated and excited enough to create more success for yourself. And also, do not set too high goals either, they shoulkd be big, but they need to be realistic as well. Do not set a goal about that you will be a billionaire by next month, because it is not happening. It is good to have self confidence but again, let us be realistic… We need to be connected to reality. And like I just wrote, don’t set up to small of a goal either, you will not be really excited about those goals if they are too small,and you might lack success, your journey towards towards success will propably move slow then. And we want to be as successful as possible, as soon as possible, right? Isn’t that why we are doing what we are doing? I think so… Setting goals for the new year


Final words…

So never leave your success to chance or luck, do not count on luck. Instead set up goals and do what ever you can to reach them , no matter what.  And make sure that you are setting goals for the new year also. Feel free to sign up for my free newsletter here, where  you will access free marketing tips to help you build your income online.

Thank you for reading.


Tommy Olsson.

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