Having a plan b, the importance of having a plan b

Having a plan b, the importance of having a plan b.

Now about having a plan b, this post is not about the birth control pill called plan b, no it is about having a plan b when it comes to making money online.

Focus on one then take it from there…

It is good to focus on one business opportunity for starters and build that business up, but after a while it can be most beneficial to add something else that you can make money from as well. That is when having a plan b  and building multiple streams of income comes into play … Because you can’t be 100% certain that the online business you are in now will last forever, hopefully it will but you never know. This blogpost isn’t about trying to make you sign up for a  particular business, I am just pointing out the need and benefits with having a plan b… If you are making a living online or aiming for it, then do not be dependent on just one income stream, because what are you going to do if that income streams shuts down? So as a security measure make sure that you have at least one other stream of income in your so called arsenal.

Having a plan b

Do your homework.

So you need to protect yourself and your livelyhood and get that plan b and make it work for you… You should not jump on just any other business opportunity, you need to research it to see if it is legit  and if you really think that is a business that you really like and want to work with. Because you are going to spend a lot of time building that business ,so of course you must do a research about that company first. You dont want to be clueless about that business opportunity and its potential to remain online for the long run. Check for reviews online and testmonials online for that particular company to learn more about it… Because you don’t want to waste time and effort on a business that might not be that beneficial after all when it comes down to it.

Having a plan b

Play it safe.

Find out as much as possible about that company before making any decision about joining it. Do not act to hasty. Maybe you know someone that already are involved with that company that can share his or hers experiences with that company with you. Because it is always better to be safe then sorry… Wouldn’t you agree? So you need to do your so called “homework”. Because not all online businesses are that good as they make it out to be. So find out how good the business is and be a bit suspicious before you know for sure… Find a legit good company and stick with it, and make i your plan b. For more free marketing tips and advice feel free to subscribe to my newsletter here…

Now make it a great day.



Tommy Olsson.

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