Working nine to five or working online?

Would you rather working nine to five then working online?

Many would probably answer  working online but in fact a lot of people would choose to be working nine to five.

This is because working online ,making money online isn’t for everyone. This despite that many people are enjoying huge success by building up their income through online marketing.

But still,somepeople doesn’t like to get involved with marketing online. They may not believe in the possibilities with online marketing, or they just don’t like the whole idea with it…  We are all different with different opinions about everything. Some people tries to make a living online but due to struggling too hard  for too long they decide to quit unfortunally. Some Working nine to fivepeople are not even open to try online marketing for different reasons. Because working online, aiming to be ones own boss isn’t everyones cup of tea so to speak… Some people likes it better working  nine to five at a regular job,but on the other hand many gets bored with that nine to five job as well. However a lot of people stays at that regular 9-5 job because they don’t see any other possibilities for themselves. They see that job as a kind of security after all,since their paychecks comes every month after all. However, If you DO want to become your own boss then I recommend this free marketing training…

Be ready to pay.

When it comes to starting off as a online marketer I would advice you to get connected with someone already successful. Hopefully they will share some quality advice with you, but also be prepared to invest in marketing trainings, because it becomes an investment for your future. Great marketing trainings often comes with a fee so you need to be willing to invest in products,because at the same time you will be investing in yourself. You’ll be investing in your own development as a marketer. If you can’t spend money right now on marketing products then try to get in contact with successful marketers, subscribe to their newsletters because they might share some golden nuggets in their newsletters. Follow them on social media. Because you need to be around successful people when you want to be successful yourself. Because you can’t take advice from a not so successful marketer that maybe even are struggling.

They are already clued up…

Working nine to five

The already succesful knows already what works and what does not…They may not know everything there is to know but they surely knows a great deal about marketing. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be as successful as they are. I personally have chosen not to stay working nine to five, I prefer to be working online from my home. So if you  feel clueless when it comes to marketing and making money online, then make sure to connect with those that are all clued up. Do not let pride or your ego to come in your way, be open to learn from someone else, someone with more knowledge. Even the gurus has mentors, so we all must learn from someone.



Tommy Olsson.

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