Click through rate why care about click through rate?

Click through rate is that something you

should concern yourself with?

Yes it is, that is if you really want to be making more money online.

And I guess that is why we are here marketing online, to make money. Because if you don’t track you are counting on luck, and there is no such thing as luck

when it comes to online marketing. if you are counting on luck then you are wasting a lot of time on things that maybe do not work.

If you do not track and tweaking as well as tetsing your different ad campaigns,then you have no clue Click through rateabout what works and what does not.

So yes to know your click through rate and increase is very important when you want to build up an income and a business online. We need to track everyhting that we are doing in our marketing efforts, otherwise we won’t have a clue… And you do not want to be clueless when building a income online.

Without tracking and without knowing what the click through rate are for over campaigns we are like lost out there in the cyber world… Do not forget to claim your free newsletter here to get free information about wealth creation and more…

So what to do?

First of all invest in a tracking software so that you know where your leads and sign ups are coming from.  You simply need to know what advertising resources that produces results, and which ones that does not… So remove does that do not work otherwise you are just giving away money if it’s paid advertising. If it is free advertising sources, well den you are just wasting your time with those. And if you are thinking that having a click through rate around 1% is quite good, then you are mistaken. So you gotta do something then to improve that click through rate quite a bit. The ideal would be if you could have a 30-40% ctr. Tweak your landing page maybe, tweak your ad copy on it… Have you used the best keywords? Haveyou researched those keywords properly? That is also something to consider as well. Again,to get better results, we need to test, track and tweak. It is what we need to do time and time again.

Click through rate

You can always do better.


There are always room for improve ment. Even if you already are good at these things you always will be able to improve. Because when we are doing for instance Bing ads we must take the quality score as high as possible as well. Because everything in our campaigns needs to be congruent… The better click through rate your ads get, the higher the quality score will be. So again  the click through rate is very important all the time, because if you aheva good ctr thenyour ads will be showing to more people…  And we really want to get as much exposure as possible for our ads. So do not take the click through rate out of the equation when building up your income online, because you just can’t.



Tommy Olsson.

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