How much is a lead worth?

How much is a lead worth?

How much a lead is worth for anyone involved with making money online , depends on a few things. How much is a lead worth has to do with the quality of the lead, if the lead is interested in what you are offering and sharing, and if they will be willing to buy.

It can be hard to calculate what a lead will be worth in advance, it is something that has to be done after they have been a subscriber for a while. It depends on your leads click through rate (CTR) as well. The CTR is something you need to analyze every now and then and that is whay it is s o important to track everything you are doing in your marketing.

How much is a lead worth
How much is a lead worth

Because you want as high click through rate as possible no matter what campaign you are running ,because you want as much results as possible without having to spend a fortune.  So you need to track everything in your marketing, how would you otherwise know how well your campaigns are working? You need to know what works in your marketing strategies and what do not… To become more successful in your marketing you  simplyneed to track.  Tracking tools that you can start using for free can be found to the right of this blog by the way.

More about how much is a lead worth…

I have heard from marketers that a lead is basically worth one dollar, but that depends, it can vary quite a bit. Some leads can be worth zero dollars some can be worth hundreds ot even thousands.. I depends on what I just shared with you, it depends on the quality of the lead and where you generated it from even. It also has to do with the quality of the How much is a lead worthproducts you are promoting. It also has to do if you have qualified the leads; menaing that they have proven to show interest earlier in the offers you are sharing. To have plenty of leads that is not very responsive is not a positive thing,  if they never responses to your broadcasts or follow ups then you may even have to remove them from your list. You want to have people on your list that is responsive and that takes action and buys what you offer. Not every lead will buy everytime you emailing them, but at some point they might, if they are responsive. Your leads worth can vary depending what business and niche you are in also…

So to sum this up, how much is a lead worth…

  • The leads worth can vary, depending on the quality of the leads and if you have qualified them.
  • The leads worth depends on what niche you are in.
  • A lead can be worth zero dollars , 1 dollar up to hundred or thousandsof dollars  even.
  • The leads worth has to do with the quality of the products you are promoting, so always promote quality products.


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