Pay your bills does reading books pay your bills?

A lot of online marketers are talking about the importance of reading books so that you will be able to pay your bills but not only that.

Is it really so?

They are also talking about becoming financially free by following your dream, and I am one of them… So can books really pay your bills?

Both yes and no… When you are a online entrepreneur a online marketer, you need to read books daily to stay in that positive mindset. This because the road the success doesn’t go in a straight line. Actually I have been blogging about just that earlier. No the path to success to big success is not a smooth ride, but the struggle and hard work will be totally worth it Pay your billsat the end. By the way, don’t forget to grab your free newsletter here if you looking to build up a solid income online… Not every day will be hard and filled with setbacks but it will not be a smooth ride either. Then is where the books come into play. You should read  books that will inspire you and motivate you to keep your aim at your dreams and goals. These books should also teach you something,maybe even teach you something about yourself and your own abilities and possibilities. To make money online you need to stay in a positive strong mindset. By doing so you will be able to make more money online,so yes in a way books can pay your bills. Not directly .but as an results later on by doing so. Even the so called “gurus” in this industry needs to read books daily, they are no exceptions. There are plenty of good books out there to read, but here follows a few examples of my recommendations;

  • Go pro by Eric Worre
  • Awaken the giant within By Tony Robbins
  • Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

But again, there are a ton of other great books out there as well. Even if you don’t like reading, force yourself to so it anyway because you really need to. Otherwise when the hard times comes, when building you business feels like an uphill battle, you may loose focus and feel down on yourself. It may even go as far as you considering to quit on your dreams, and we don’t want that.

Pay your bills

Think you can skip them?

If you are thinking that reading books is a waste of time and that you can cut them out from your life, then you are mistaken… One of the reasons to why people quit on marketing is because they haven’t maintained their postive mindset. Then they end up in a negative circle of self doubt and frustration. So if you want to make a income online then know that you must include those books in your life. Listening to motivational audio recordings is also something you can do to maintain your mindset, or watch videos on for instance youtube. So spend time reading books, it is one of the important vehicles towards your dreams.


Tommy Olsson

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