Can money buy you happiness?

Can money buy you happiness?

Do you think so? I have my opinion about that question and it is nothing  that I am unclear bout ,my answer to this question is NO.

Keep reading if you want to know  why I am saying no to this question “can money buy  you happiness?”

Money is great to have and it can do a lot of things for you but no, I really don’t think that it can buy you happiness. Money can create more freedom for you in your life and get you more relaxed because you might not have to worry about the bills and other expenses. However, it doesn’t matter how much money you have if you for instance is so to say broken or hurt inside yourself. Sure, you can pay for a good therapist but still,in my book money does not equal happiness…

Can money buy you happiness

Money and health…

Let’s take another example…what if you or a loved one got a  incurable desease,then what would that money of yours do? Sure,you can create a  relaxed enviroment for you to heal in, or trying to heal in but still… I simply don’t think that money can solve any problem that my occur in our lives. This is my personal opinion and you do not have to agree with me of course. On the other hand, money isn’t the rooth to all evl either, as some people seem to think… Money isn’t necesary the reason for peoples problems. Sometimes money can solve peoples problems, at least the financial type of problems. Money will make you debt free. Having money is better then to not have money. So can money buy you happiness? No but it can buy you comfort, relaxation and freedom for you to be able to do what you want to do whenever you wanna do it… Money can so to say, open doors for you.

Can you be wealthy and happy as well?

Of course you can. it’s not as if you need to be poor in order to be happy, that doesn’t really Can money buy you happinessmakes sense ,now does it? I also think that is a myth that more or less every rich person are not happy. There are rich people that are happy, and those that aren’t. However if you want to learn how to get more freedom, financial freedom, then grab your free newsletter here now…

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Money doesn’t make you happy or happier, but it can create a more releaxed life for you and create more freedom, financial freedom for you. Money can bring you a lot of things, but inner peace or happiness isn’t one of them, that is my opinion at least. Money is not the rooth to all evil either, far from it.

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