What’s an affiliate?

What’s an affiliate?

I guess you already have heard the word affiliate before , but if you are not quite sure what an affiliate in business is, then this post is for you…

So let me explain…

I have written a bit before answering the question what’s an affiliate, but I will explain it more detailed this time around for you. Basically an affiliate is when you request to have the right to promote someone elses product or service. As an affiliate you can earn a certain commission procentage of the products fee/ sales price when you make a sale.. To become an affiliate for some products you sometimes have to pay a fee, but most of the affiliate offers are free for you to promote.

Where to find products to promote.

There are different websites on the internet where you can find products to promote as a free affiliate. Such affiliate product sites are Clickbank, Clicksure, Jvzoo, Warriorplus to just mention just a few….  As an affiliate you get your own specific What's an affiliateaffiliate link for the offer you choose to promote with your referal id at the end of it. This way your sales gets tracked to you and you will cash in  when people purchase through your link.


Always protect your links

You should always shorten/ cloak your link to make sure that not someone hacks is and so to say steal your sales. You don’t want your hard work to be for nothing.

Traffic and sales…

Getting affiliates to promote products is a very smart and affective method for a business. This way the company gets a lot of traffic to their offers, and therefor they can potentially make a large number of sales, if the offers converts well. It is possible to make good money as an affiliate but you need to learn the skills how to,  if you haven’t got those already, and you really need to put in the hours into your marketing. Hard work is what it takes if you want to start to see those affiliate sales coming into your bank account. no time for being lazy in other words. However affiliate marketing appeals to a lot of marketers,but far from every marketer makes the big bucks. Those who do makes the big bucks, have learned the most effective marketing strategies and applied them right away because they are action takers. Those who doesn’t make that What's an affiliatemuch money may be stuck with promoting in a way like they always have been doing ,therefor they also get the same low results as well. As they say, if you want create something that you have never done before,  then you need to do something that you have never done before. So widen your horizons and look at things from a different angle.

So what’s an affiliate? it is a person that promotes a vendors product and gets a certain amount of money when making that sale for that product. New to affiliate marketing? Then grab your free affiliate marketing training by clicking this….

Thanks for reading. Get back soon for more marketing tips 🙂


Tommy Olsson.

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