Let them laugh

Let them laugh.

Yes let them laugh. let all those negative people that you might come across when you are sharing your online business laugh. Let them laugh if it makes them happy…

There always will be peopke that will not be on the same page as you. There always will be doubters and haters. There will be people that regards  what you are doing as a joke, when it certainly isn’t.

It’s alright

That’s alright, let them laugh behind your back when you are creating a better life for yourself,and they aren’t. Let them laugh when you are enjoying far more freedom in your life when they still might be still working at their 9-5 job that they doesn’t enjoy at all. Let them waste their time hating…Let them laughWhere I am going with this post is that you should never pay any attention to all those negative people that you might come across, because it is only your success that really matters. You see, all these negative poeple are just trying to drag you down just because they haven’t succeeded in making online from home thenselves. Sounds harsch? Well, this is my opinion…. And I believe it to be true. If you listen to negative people they will just stop you in your tracks and you may get discouraged and feeling down on your self and maybe start to  doubting your own ability! Do not allow this to happen!

Do not allow them to

Do not let negative people and haters decide how you are going to live your life, do not let them decide what you are going to do for a living. Do not let them steal your dream… Shut out from your life,any disrespectful and people that just are bringing negativity into your life, they are just Let them laugha waste of time. You do not need them and they will  not bring anything positive into your life. Just ignore them and keep on doing what you are doing. Smile in private and know that their laughter don’t mean nothing when you see your results and paychecks coming in. Then it is your time to laugh. These negative people might not feel so good inside,they might not feel that good about themselves so they feel like they have to bring you down. They have no right to of course. And their behavior isn’t okay. But never mind them and their rude behavior… They are just trying to get you pissed off…

So never mind the haters they are just energy thieves. Instead keep your focus on the dreams and feature goals that you have set up for yourself.

Never allow to haters and negative people get to you, do not let them get under your skin. They are propably just envious of you and what you are creating for yourself. They might be jealous of your results and confidence as well. These people does not deserve to be within your circle of friends. Keep your focus and attention where it should be; on your goals and dreams. Make it a great day.



Tommy Olsson.

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