Make a living online, is it really possible,and if so,how?

Make a living online,

that is what so many people are dreaming about,and not only dreaming about it but living that dream.
To make a living online is  really very possible.
But how come that so many marketers are struggling so hard then to make any money online?

Earlier I have blogged about why marketers are struggling as well as sharing ways to Make a living onlinemake a living online, and you can check that post out right here. 

If you are struggling right now,then to make a living online may seem something very hard to reach, but what I am going to share in this post may help you.

To begin with, instead of maybe doubting the possibilities with making money online, you should really believe that you actually CAN make it happen. Part of making money online is about your mindset. There are so many ways that you can make money online from, what will make you successful when applying any such way is that you must have the necesary skillset. If you already have the skills to make money through your chosen niche or strategy then fine, otherwise you need to learn those skills, otherwise you will only waste your time and get more and more frustrated due to lack of results.

Some of the ways that you can earn money online through are;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Drop shipping
  • Selling services on Fiverr
  • Create your own product and make others promote it (Getting affiliates).

You can become a affiliate for free and start to promoting some other persons product. If you are going for affiliate marketing,then make sure to start to build your list as soon as possible.This way you will access toa group of potential costumers that you can send emails to daily, if you want to. If you want to get better at writing follow up letters for your newsletters,then subscribe to a already marketers list. Never copy what they are writing Make a living online,but you can see the way they are writing and then you can find your own style after remodeling those peoples emails. A good move when starting with affiliate marketing is to start blogging,it is a great branding tool and also a quite low cost solution for your marketing.

I am sure you are good at something particular,so why not sell that skills as a service on Fiverr and start making a bit money?

When you have learned more about marketing then maybe you will consider to create your own product, this can be lucrative if it is done properly,and if it solves a problem that many people are experiencing

So can you make a living online? Oh yeah, because if you can think about, dream about it then you can also do it!

But what do you have to do to actually make a living online? Well if you do not have the skills how to then you may have to invest in a product that can help you get that knowledge, or connect with a already successful marketer that is willing to share some advice and value with you. You gotta surround yourself with successful people,people that has the kind of income,that you also what to be enjoying. If you have dreams and goals about making a living online then do not quit your job if you have one and think you will make it big in no time. Stay at your job and work your online business on part time basis,until you make enough money online to make it your full time income source. This to avoid a unpleasant outcome for you… Because you will not get rich over nigt by working online,so give it time.

Where do I get in contact with these successful marketers?

Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on.They are propably posting quite often on social media where they post their results and other type of content,so they should not be hard to find.You can also find them on online marketing forums,like Warriorforum for instance.

So now it shouldn’t be any doubts with you that you indeed can make a living online.

So just get started 🙂


Tommy Olsson.

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