Entrepreneur stories,sharing mine

This blogpost will be about entrepreneur stories,

not just any entrepreneur stories but more specific my entrepreneur story.

Getting started

I started with online marketing back in 2010 when I got interested in making a living in another way then just through a 9-5 job. I saw an advertisement online about working from home with Herbalife. I did my best to follow the training and so on and although it is a great business I never did manage to make much money with it despite having a good sponsor. So because of me feeling uncomfortable back then to talk to strangers face to face, I did quit Herbalife about one year later. Many are successful with Herbalife so it wasn’t the business fault, I guess it didn’t fit for me at that time.

But I didn’t give up my dreams about making some money online though. It so happened after a while that I tried to make money through different matrix businesses and feeders, with very little resuls. Back then I really didn’t know much about marketing strategies that really produces a steady cashflkow,therefore I never made much money either. I did what others did on different social networking sites; just shared links and said how great that business was. That was never a great tactic as you can imagine.

Program jumping…

entrepreneur storiesI have been in and out of many mlm opportunitities, because i quitted them when I got tired of struggling, I propably should have stayed longer in them to see my results improve but what is done is done. Well the years has passed and lately,or more specific the latest 1,5 years I have started generating the kind of results and money that I have been wanting to do for quite a while. This happened after I invested in a few courses. email ad copy courses among other products and I have learned about profitable marketing strategies as well.

You can’t figure it all out by yourself

You see, you can not figure out everything by yourself,you gotta learn from someone who has the skills about that field of work. You have to trust someone and someones knowledge and let them guide you. You have to be willing to pay for that knowledge. Therefor do not be scared or reluctant to ivest in yourself by buying products that will help you become more successfuk as an entrepreneur. To become a great marketer you must be willing to spend entrepreneur storiesmoney,because you need to spend money to make money. Now about entrepreneur stories, it is very beneficial for the branding of you as an entrepreneur and leader to share your story, so if you havent shared your story yet,then I advice you to do so as soon as possible. Because people like to hear stories,and I bet they will be more then willing to hear yours as well. Because they might recognize things in your story that reminds them of their own.

Now you know about my story and and more. If you liked this post feel free to share it, thank you..

Make it a great day.

Tommy Olsson

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