Blogger tutorial-the benefits with Blogger

Blogger tutorial and the benefits with Blogger.

Blogger is a free blog platform owned by Google and this blog is actually worth having a closer look at because it really has some cool features. So that is why I decided to write this Blogger tutorial for you.

I have also done this Blogger tutorial video and you can watch that video below…

So to get started with setting your free Blogger blog up you just need to have a free Gmail account. Then you use the same log in details as you are using for that email account to also log into Blogger. There are different themes that you can choose from your free blog at Blogger, but this tutorial are not going to focus on showing you how to choose a blog theme. That is very easy to do and also self explanatory. But I am sharing other stuff with you in this Blogger tutorial that you may find interesting.

Blogger tutorial

Adsense and statistics

There are some pretty cool traffic statistic tools available at your Blogger blog, I am sharing all about this with you in the video above also… You can for instance discover where your readers are hesitated and how many views and comment your different blog posts have received. To make money from your blogger blog you can if you want to, advertise with Adsense at your blog.

How it really works…

Adsense is a easy way to earn a income by having ads placed at your blog. What you will do to be able to use Adsense on your blog, is to sign up for Adsense and then get your blog link and approved for Adsense advertising. Then you will have other peoples ads showing up on your blog, and you will earn a certain procentage of commissions through any sale generated through the ads on your blog. You can learn more about how that truly works by going here…

Blogger tutorial
Blogger tutorial

You of course do not need to use Adsense if you don’t want to,you can promote any products you want on your blog, or not at all. Blogger can be a good option when first starting off with blogging, especially if you right now do not want to spend any money on a blog. Somewhere down the line though I advice you to invest in an WordPress blog with your own hosting. This to get more control over your blog among other things such as for the branding of you as an expert in your niche.


As you can see in the video above,it is easy to add tags to your blog posts. However you can make the Seo dsettings of your blog post even stronger by adding them in that particular blog post. Then you simply add the hash tag sign before every keyword. A good idea is to place them below your other blog content in that very blog post.

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