Ibotoolbox-why you should check out Ibotoolbox

Ibotoolbox, if you do not know what Ibo toolbox is then let me explain.

Ibotoolbox is a free to use platform with a lot of tools and resources for all online marketers.

Now Ibo stands for independent business owner, so no matter what business you currently are in you will benefit from Ibotoolbox. I have done this video as well that you can check out below to learn even more about Ibotoolbox…


Here follows some of the tools and features that you can find at this platform called Ibotoolbox;

  • A free autoresponder
  • You can earn advertising credits by being a active member
  • You can use those credits to set up text adds and banner adds all around this platform.
  • You can purchase more advertising credits
  • You can write press releases and generate powerful backlinks
  • You can use a url link shortener within Ibotoolbox
  • Create your free profile and add your business information to be able to generate more leads and sales
  • A SMS/MMS lookup service where you can look up a cellphone number and send text messages or multi media messages to the prospects
  • Ibo mobile app; a app to make it possible to view this platform on a mobile phone.
  • You have access to good marketing training as a Ibotoolbox member

So as you can see there a quite many valuable tools that you can use, but these tools is not every tool you can find on this platform. As online marketers and entrepreneurs we should really take advantage on any tool that can help us to build our business and income online,and Ibotoolbox has a great deal of tools. You can click here to create your free Ibotoolbox account…


The press releases that you write on Ibotoolbox ranks very well in the search engines,so there are different ways that you can use that in the shape of backlinks. You can backlink to blog posts or your videos on Youtube. Not everyone perhaps knows about this fact about the Ibo content ranking well in the search results. Well it is true, because I have seen the results myself. So if you want add something extra to your SEO of your content besides paid services, then I would recommend that you take advantage of Ibo and backlinking. They allow you to write two press releases a day so I would recommend that you write twice a day for maximal results. I sometimes put up banner ads on this platform but recently I mostly are using the adds for back linking. Because as so many advertsiising on IBotoolbox some times the adds does not provide as much results as you maybe are expecting. However, it is still worth it to put up banner ads to get more exposure for your business.

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Tommy Olsson

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