Lead capture page-why you need a lead capture page

Lead capture page

And why you need to use a Lead capture page in your marketing ventures.

That is what I will explain in todays blog post. To begin with, what is a lead capture page? Well this type of page has various names but the purpose is the same. The page can also be called, landing page, capture page and squeeze page. The purpose of a lead capture page is to capture the visitors email adresses, you can almost here it in the name of the page; it captures information. But why would you want to collect those email adresses then? Simply because you need to build a list of potential buyers, and as the saying goes; the money is in the list. Or more so; the money is in the reltionship with your list. Because when you build a relationship with your list by writing entertaining , fun to read emails, it gets easier to make money from your list. I did this video a few days ago where I also am explaining why you should and need to use a lead capture page;

Lead capture page

Sell once or unlimited times?

Why you need to use a lead capture page when you promote anything online, is because then when you have built a list through that page you can promote to those people and leads time and time again. If you are using just a companys standard sales page without any possibility to collect the leads through an opt in form, then you are missing out on ma lot of money. Because when using a standard page people may just visit it one time and then never return. People also needs to see an offer about 7 times before being willing to buy. This is a proven fact… So as you can see you need to only be using a page that you can collect leads and build your list further.

Lead capture page
Lead capture page

A page that converts

You of course want to use pages that converts very well. A page that converts visitors into leads, and you need tools to help you to easily create those high converting lead capture pages, squueeze page and/ or landing pages as well. You of course need to track tweak and test to make sure that your pages keeps converting well. That is a must ,otherwise we will have no clue of what works in our marketing and what does not… So what ever you do, make sure to use some kind of lead capture page to always be building that list of yours. Building a list is the way to go to effectively make more money online.


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