How often should I blog?

How often should I blog?

It is important to be consistent with your blogging, but the question is ; how consisitent? Keep reading if you want answers to the question; “how often should I blog?”.

I have noticed tht some marketers are sayin g that you should be blogging each and every day. I am of an different opinion. It is not a bd thing of course to be blogging dily, of course not. But if you do not want to spend aöö that much time on blogging I would say to blog 3-4 times a week is enough really… You can also grab your free blogging blueprint here.

Traffic and search engine ranking

How often should I blog? When it is about traffic to your blog to improve the search engine rankings for your blogposts and blog you do not need to be blogging daily, because there are other ways to improve your search engine rankings. Let me explain how it is done… As you always should be building your list you should make benefits of your list and motivate them to visit your blog and reading your blo gpost. That is one way of getting traffic to your blog… Here is another way of getting more traffic and exposure to your blog; record a video about the same topic as the specific blog post and add the url to your blogpost in the description of the video. Then embed your video in your blog post ,this will help both the ranking for your video as well as for your blog post. But make sure to share your blog post and video as much as possible on social media as well.

How often should I blog
How often should I blog

How often should i blog

Videos and traffic

How often should I blog

We need to apply video marketing in our marketing simply because video marketing and making use of Youtube is a great way of generating free leads and traffic. There are more ways to be generating exposure and traffic to your blog, you could write press releases and articles and link back to your blog and blog posts as well…

You could promote blog posts through paid advertising also. You could join different blog communities for more exposure. yes there are plenty of resources to benefit from

So you don’t have to…

“How often should I blog ?” Well, you do not have to blog daily, that is the point I want to be ,making here. But again, ther eis nothing wrong with blogging daily, it is great for branding, traffic and exposure… But to save yourself some time; blog 3-4 times per week.


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