What is a lead magnet? Lead magnet examples

What is a lead magnet?

Maybe you are new to online marketing or in any case wants to get some answers to this question; “what is a lead magnet”. In any case I will give you some answers to this question in this blogpost.

Lead magnets are known to be very valuable for any online business, this because they help you to generate more leads and this way helps you to build your list further. Using a lead magnet helps you build your list faster then if you do not use a lead magnet. However, there are some thinga that you need to be aware of when it comes to lead magnets…

The quality

You need to make sure that the leadmagnet you will use for your listbuilding is of good quality and offers good value for your subscribers. because if you just give away free gifts in form of a lead magnet with poor quality, well that will damage your reputation as a online marketer. <Because then in the future those leads will remember that, and stay away from you and anything your are promoting. You always want to make a good and professional impression on people and potential costumers. Below you can check out a video that I did recently were I am also answering the question; what is a lead magnet…

You can hear it…

What is a lead magnet? You can hear it in the name “lead magnet” that what it is all about is to awaken the visitors curiosity and attract people in such a high way, that they will subscribe to your list. A lead magnet can build your list faster then if you are just mentioning for instance that you have a free report to give way to them if they subscribe to your free newsletter. But again, it has everything to do with the quality of your lead magnet… Using a lead magnet is about list building and as the saying goes; the money is in the list,or the money is in the relationship with your list. And you should all the time be building your list. Below you will find some lead magnet ideas that you can use;

  • Write a ebook to give away or have someone write one for you for instance at Fiverr
  • Give away a audio recording where you share something that you have learned about making money online
  • Give your subscribers a link to a video series where you teach them something about marketing
What is a lead magnet
What is a lead magnet

There are no reasons to why not

This so that you will in the future have a big list of potential buyers to email to. Then you need to be or become good at writing emails as well, but there are courses for that. So basically there are no reasons to why you shouldn’t want to be building that list of yours.

So these were the best answers I can give to you about what a lead magnet is, if you do not use lead magnets yet then a good idea would be to start using one.


Tommy Olsson

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