What is a squeeze page and why use one?

What is a squeeze page?

What is a squeeze page and what are the benefits with a squeeze page. that is what I will give my best answers to in this article.

So what is a squeeze page? A squeeze page is simply the same thing as an capture page. Both a capture page and a squeeze page has the same puirpose; to collect email adresses to help you build your list of subscribers… A capture page purpose is to capture the information from the page’ visitors, and the squeeze page purpose is to squeeze out the information from the visitors, in a way of speaking. And again; it all comes down to collecting email adresses, so that you time and time again can promote to these subscribers anything you choose to. You can find out more about what is a squeeze page by watching the video below…

Landing page vs squeeze page

Itis always better to use a capture page and squeeze page then a landing page. Why is that? Because on a landing form you will not find a opt in form of any kind. A landing page is a page that people land on and it can be a sales page for any product. But that page can not be used to build your list. So people may just visit that very page once and then they are gone. While using a squeeze page and/or capture page whole purpose is to help you build your list further. The squeeze page should be created in a such way to awaken the visitors curiouisity so that they fill out the opt in form so that they can learn more about what you are sharing. In other words; a great squeeze page should have a high conversion rate… The page should turn as many visitors into leads as possible,and then our follow up series should turn as many of the leads into buying costumers of course.

What is a squeeze page
What is a squeeze page

Creating those squeeze pages…

If you are not sure how to create a good squeeze or capture page then you can grab a 7 day free trial here. Inside this system Power lead system, you will get acces to already created well convering capture pges. Besides that you get access to plenty of marketing tools… So make sure to always use a squeeze page to build your list, because that is a great investment for the fiuture for your business and income.


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