What is a capture page? Tips on capture pages

What is a capture page?

If you are new to online marketing and want answers to this question” what is a capture page, then keep on reading…

A capture page is a webpage or landing page which whole purpose is to collect its visitors details. Everyone that are using a capture page wants to awaken the visitors curioosity, and make them so curious that they will enter their details to learn more through an email follow up campaign. Some capture pages may include a bit of hype in its message as well. It is also a good idea to offer something for free for those that opts into your follow up series. It can be a ebook, a audio recording that people can learn something from. This type of free gift is also known as a lead magnet… You should always be building your list further and using a well converting capture pge is a great way of doing just that. I am revealing more answers to this question “ what is a capture page?” In the video below….

But how do you create a well converting capture page? Well they are already created for you over here along with plenty of other marketing tools… You can see a example how a capture pge can really look below.

What is a capture page
What is a capture page

The form options…

Some capture pages hve several fields or the visitor tofill in. However, I strongly recommend that you onbly one fiueld on your capture page, and that would be a field for the prospects email adress. Because people will be more willing to fill out a form and subscribe, if they only have to fill out one field.

Double opt in

To build your list more effective I recommend you to remove double opt in your list settings t your autoresponder provider. Otherwise you leads have to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in a email. To avoid them forgetting about confirming the subscription it is much better to remove double optin and get them instntly on your list. Because sometimes these confirmation emails ends up in the spam folder, and we don’t want that do we? So to be sure that your double opt in is removed then contact your autoresponder providers support desk to make totally sure that it has been removed… if you are beginner tand don’t have that many leads then youmight have to generate sommoreleads before being able to remove double opt in. But keep generating those leads so that you also can remove the double opt ins. So use capture pages in your marketing efforts,never use a standard company page. Because when you use a standard sales page you willlose out on the ability to email that ppages visitors again and again,and mke money from then multiple times. Ans like I mentioned earlier; always build your list.


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