Higher conversion rates-How to get higher conversion rates

Higher conversion rates, yes well that is what any online marketer should be working towards.

Because even if you have good conversion rates there is always room for improvements to get higher conversion rates.

But what is conversion rates? Let us dive into it….


Conversion rates is about the amount of visitors that comes to your website and take action on something you have on that page. They can for instance sign up for you newsletter or become a customer. It is about the number of people taking action on what you offer at your page. So it is visitors that does the desired action for you. But why is it dso important to have higher conversion rates? Simply because the higher the conversion rtes, the more money you will be making. Check out ,my video below that also covers this subject on Higher conversion rates…

So, this is what converts really good for me right now…

Work on it

Every online marketer should track their conversions on their landingpages so that they know what works and wht does not… And then we need to do something to improve the conversion rate if we are not satisfied with our results. Because wehn we invest in paid advertsing we simply don’t want to waste our money. We do not want to waste our hard earned money on landing pages that don’t converts. So always track, test and tweak your content for greater results.

Higher conversion rates

Don’t flush it down…

If we dont track our conversion and just hope that our capture pages will work great, then we are leaving our success to chance. Then we will be lost and have no clue at all….And there is no luck or chances in online marketing. Not if you want to become more successful and step up your level of earnings. If you are counting on luck then you are flushing your advertsiisng budget down the drain for nothing…. And I don’t think that you want to do that. Even if tracking sometimes may feel boring, you simply must do it to have an idea about what works in your marketing efforts. If you are really serious about your business and your success then you must do it.

I hope you now have learned something new about conversion rates and why we always need to work towards higher conversion rates. Welcome back soon to check out more of my content.


Tommy Olsson.

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