What is power lead system?

What is Power lead system?

It seems like quite many people wants answers to this question; what is Poer lead system,so I thought I should explain that in this blog post.

So what is Power lead system? Well, in short it is a system with tools and trainings to help you build and promote any business. You can also promote Power lead system as an affiliate if you want to. Below is a video that I did a few days back where I give answers to what is Power lead system

Now you can take the 7 days free trial with Power lead system here.. 

Power lead system have been around for more then 14 years now, so it is not some new hyped up business opportunity… Some of the tools and resources that you can find in the members area of Power lead system are;

  • Pre made high converting capture pages
  • Built in autoresponder
  • Newbie friendly as well as more advanced marketing training
  • Digital postcards that drives leads to your capture page
  • The power blog

But still there are more resources for you to discover in the members area.

The autoresponder

Now talking about the built in autoresponder, yes PLS will follow up with your leads if you do not want to create follow up letters yourself. However, you can also add your Getresponse and Aweber autoresponder to this system, and over ride the build in autoresponder. It is totally up to you.

Blogging power

A feature that wasnt included in Power lead systemn from the beginning of this business is the Power blog. This is a very cool and valuable resource… Because every marketer needs a blog and with the Power blog you get your content ranked high in the search results within a short period of time. This means that you do not have to wait for weeks to get any results. This blog will cost you nothing extra, it is included in your paid membership. You have several great blog themes to choose from and you have a step by step video tutorial on how to set it all up within the dashboard of the Power blog. This is what is called an authority blog, to make you look like an authority and leader.


As an regular member you will earn 20 dollars for every paid member in your downline. You can also earn bonuses. You will earn these commissions as long as your downline stays a paid member. There are upgrades within Pls that will help you make even more money. Check out more about this in the video above.

Final words

So take the 7 days free trial and check everything out with this system and use it to see if you want to become a paid member.


Tommy Olsson

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