Clickmagick tutorial for beginners

Clickmagick tutorial

This is my Clickmagick tutorial for newbies or for people that have never used Clickmagick before.

As it is so very important that we track, test and tweak pretty much everything that we do in our marketing, this Clickmagick tutorial may give you value.

Because if we do not track, test and tweak what we sre doing in our marketing so that we can make more money, then how do we know what worsk for us and what does not? Because to choose not to track your marketing work you also choose to be left in the dark when it comes to building your business online. That is why you need tools for your business like Clickmagick and IO will give some additional tips in this Clickmagick tutorial as well. Below is the Clickmagick tutorial for beginners video that I recorded earlier today, I hope you find it useful…

Making sense…

it’s not enough to invest in tools like Clickmagick, you of course have to use it as well. You need to log in every now and then to see what results you have generated. How many click through rates you have and so on. That is just common sense. Because if you are not keeping up to date with your tracking, then you can just go on posting standrd links out there and not having any idea what works in your marketing efforts. Checking tracking results can seem boring sometimes, I know, I have been there myself. But it is a nessary evil if you want.. it is not bad or evil thing but sometimes we can have a lack of inspiration. But force yourself to check on your stats if you need to, you need to if you care about your success in your business. Do everything that you need to be doing to reach another level of success, even on those days when you have a lack of motivation. If you do not do your tracking then building a big income online will become much more difficult then it has to be. Clickmagick offers other tools beside tracking and cloaking. depending on your level of membership you can create countdown timers and Facebook ads pixels and other things…

Clickmagick tutorial
Clickmagick tutorial

Additional income

You can also create a side income a additional income by becoming a free Clickmagick affiliate. As an Clickmagick affiliate
you’ll earn 35% recurring commission on all payments from your referred customers. That’s up to $407.40 per year per customer, and for life.
It is a good idea to promote products that you are using, because then your audience know that you know what you are talking about… So make reviews and tutorials on every tool that you are using right now. Even if you never will promote Clickmagick, then make absolutely sure that you do your tracking, that is most important. Do not leave nything to chance, because there is no such thing as luck in online marketing.


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