Sms phone leads review

Sms phone leads review.

Sms phone leads is a product and a system that I am using in my marketing personally, so that is why I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinions about this platform in a Sms phone leads review.

A new way of marketing

Using cellphone marketing is a pretty new but effective way of generating leads to any business. Almost everyone all around the world owns a cell phone, so imagine how powerful it can be to reach all those people? Now grab Sms phone leads here. Below you can also check out the Sms phone leads review that I recorded yesterday.

Earning potential

Sms phone leads is the 20 dollar funnel that will pay you 100% commissions. Yes all it will cost you is one time fee of 20 dollars with no recurring fees to get started. So let us look at the payment plan more in detail… When purchasing Sms phone leads you will be able to collect $20 (100%) + Optional Order Bump for $10 (100%) + Optional 1 Click Upsell for $33/mo (50%) per buyer, So this mean is that you can build revurring residual income by promote Sms phone leads.

The features

You can use this system to build any business through automation,as long s you are driving traffic to it. This system has autoresponders but it is unlike a regular autoresponder. In this autoresponder you enter text and audio messages that you leads will receive when calling your cell phone number connected to this system. But you never hve to talk to anyone on the phone if you don’t want to. You can also by more phone numbers if you for instance are working within different niches. This system is easy to setup and you can set it up within 20 minutes, Simply by following the step by step instructions. You can also purchase extra marketing training for 10 dollars, I did so and I am really pleased that I did. It is a newbie friendly training and very easy to follow. My opinion is that it is a very valuable training. On top of this you can also buy leads from the members area of Sms phone leads.

Sms phone leads review
Sms phone leads review


If you choose to you can purchase the ringless voice drop software, this software will help you save money when communicating with your leads. This software will really benefit your business building. The cost for this software is $100 one time no recurring fees. you can also choose to invest in the sms blaster for $33/month. This tool will for instance make it possible for you to send 200 text messages per day with a push of a button.


You will receive bonuses for signing up to Sms phone leads, and for instance you will receive a bridge page to help you with the branding of you as a professional markete., See the full details about this in the Sms phone leads review above. you will also receive 100 sms credits for free when signing up for this system to use for your communication with your list. You will also have access to different trainings in the bonus section as well.

I think it is a very good investment to get in on Sms phone leads, you do not have to buy any of the upgrades if you don’t want to. That way it will just cost you a one time fee of 20 dollars for life. Buy it here.


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