Aweber tutorial, step by step Aweber tutorial

Aweber tutorial,

I am writing this Aweber tutorial to help anyone that is new to using Aweber and showing them how to set up a list and creating an opt in form for their blogs.

Now you can get started for free with Aweber through the 30 day free trial here.

Make sure to watch the whole Aweber tutorial video attached to this blog post in order to learn how to create your very first list and creating your opt in form for your WordPress blog. I am using Aweber because I find it easy to use and it has a lot of good features anbd it is great when it comes to deliverability, so that is why Aweber is my favorite autoresponder service. As you can see in the video it is really easy to set up your list and opt in form and in case you missed anything simply re watch this Aweber tutorial video. About the opt in form; there are a lot of different designs to choose from so you can test it out and play around with it a bit, to get the design that you truly want.

Aweber tutorial

The list

About your list settings, I advice you to in fact to shut off double opt in ,because this will make it easier for you to build your list, because this way your leads do not have to confirm anything to receive your emails. You can also contact Aweber after you have shut off double opt in off, to make sure that it is reallly shut off. Because sometimes it has glitches. If you are building a list for the first time,you probably have to generate some leads first, before you will be able to shut down fouble opt in for your list. Simply contact Aweber support later on and ask if you can get double opt in shut off. Aweber support generally answers any question pretty fast…

What to write in your email

The follow ups…

I am not going to get into email ad copy writing now but I will share something else with you about the follow up letters… There are 3 different options regarding those. Those options are;

  • Drag and drop emailbuilder
  • Plain text option
  • Html option

The drag and drop feature is the one I am using in most cases it is really easy to use, but you can also of course use the plain text option if you prefer that. If you have good knowledge about using html, then that option is available to you as well. If you get stuck with something regarding AWeber you can always submit a support ticket or just watch the many available tutorials inside the Aweber members area as well,..

If you enjoyed this Aweber tutorial then feel free to comment it and/or share it, thank you.

Tommy Olsson

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