How to make money from a blog as a newbie

How to make money from a blog. You can actually make money from a blog, I will explain in this blogpost how that is possible.

You may not or may in fact have doubts about the possibilities to make money from a blog, that is understandable because many bloggers are struggling to make money blogging.

But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your possible goals about making money blogging. and I hope that the advice that I will deliver in this blogpost will really help you out. Also, make sure to grab your free report here on free traffic strategies that really pays off. To find out more golden nuggets on how to make money from a blog, make sure to watch the video below…

Setting up your blog

For starters I recommend that you set up a WordPress blog with your own domain name in hosting so that you will have more control over your blog. I therefore do not reccomend any free blogs. Purchase a domain name that has something to do with your name or the niche you are planning on blogging about. This will be branding you as a serious and a professional blogger and marketer.

Make money from a blog

The next steps…

One of the most important things that you can have on your blog when it comes to make money with a blog, is a opt in form to a list with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that you offer to your subscribers for free, to motivate them to sign up for your newsletter. It can be for instance a free ebook or something else that you give away for free. This is a good way and proven way to generate more leads to your list. Through your list you can promote various products. To enhance your blog there are many widgets that you can add to your blog, such as adding banners and pop ups to your blog, to make an additional income a part from you promoting your main business. Watch the video attached to this article to learn more about this… You can also connect Adsense to your blog to make money by showing other peoples ads on your blog. Go to Adsense and follow the steps to get started.

The content

You should at least write 3-4 blogposts per week. Share value in your posts, try to figure out what your readers have questions about. You can even ask your readers in your posts what they want to learn more about. But you shouldn’t just share free value forever t your blog, you should have a call to action in each blogpost. You need to write at least 500 words in every blogpost for the sake of search engine rankings and maximal exposure. Write in a entertaining way, because you never want to bore your readers. Be consistent with your content and do not give up just because you haven’t got as much results as you have hoped for. You may have to blog for quite some time to see any majot results. Success takes time,success takes dedication and effort. So do not give up.

To your blogging success,

Tommy Olsson

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