Ibotoolbox-the benefits of Ibotoolbox

Ibotoolbox, well the name explains what it is all about.

Ibotoolbox offers a lot of useful tools for all independent business owners out there.

But what are the features and tools you get inside of Ibotoolbox? What makes this social platform so valuable for you as a business owner? By the way, do not forget to grab your free traffic blueprint here… Ibotoolbox offers services that helps you with the branding of you as a serious online marketer as well as generating more leads and sales into your business. Let me explain how that works… To begin with you should upload a photo of yourself to your Ibotoolbox profile,never use a image of a animal a logo or some object. People want to talk to YOU and want to see how you look like in order to get to know the real you.


The tools

Like I mentioned earlier Ibotoolbox supplies a lot of different tools for you to take advantage of as a marketer ,so here follows a presentation of some of those tools…

  • Writing Pressreleases; Share value by writing these press releases, you need to write at least 250 words and make sure to follow the terms of use. Watch the video below to learn more about writing press releases. Any content that you create at Ibotoolbox ranks very well in the search engine results.
  • Ibo url; A  great url shortener at no cost
  • Sms lookup, you are able to enter a cellphone number in order to be able to send text messages to that number. Of course you should have asked for permission of doing so fromthe owner of that cellphone number.
  • Ibo Mobile, you can sign up for free and use Ibotoolbox on your cellphone
  • Response Magic Auto Responder System; Allows you to use their autoresponder for free when you have generated leads for Ibotoolbox when sharing your Ibotoolbox referal links.
  • Ibo exchange, this platforms own trafficexchange
  • Ibo banners; Ibo toolbox’s banner platform
  • Ibo List, Classified ads platform
  • Setting up your profile with links to all your business opportunities, you’ll be surprised how many visitors you can get daily.

Now there might be tools that I haven’t mentioned here but you can check them all out by clicking my Ibotoolbox badge above.

Rewards for being active

When you are active on Ibotoolboix you will receive credits for that activity,and you can turn these credits into impression for your differnt ads that gets visual on Ibotoolbox and on networked blogs, facebook and other places. You can set up text ads banner ads etc. You can also choose to purchase creduits if you should feel that you want to save time and not so to say”work” /being active to receive your free credits. Watch the video above to learn more about this amazing platform.


If you have a limited budget then I would really advice you to start using Ibotoolbox,and use it daily. even if you do not have a limited budget then Ibotoolbox is a very valuable marketing assett to to have.

To your success,

Tommy Olsson

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