What is affiliate marketing and how do you make it work?

What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing and how do you make it work for you?

Well to begin with , let me explain what affiliate marketing really is now… What is affiliate marketing? As an affiliate you are promoting a vendors product, yes you promote another persons products and when you make a sale for those products you earn a commission. The procentage for those sales may vary, and that procentage is of course decided to the product vendor. The procentage can for instance be; 20%, 40% ,50%. 75 % , and in some cases you can even make 100% commission for your sales.

How is it possible to make 100% commissions??

It is possible because you get 100% commissions at for instance the front what is affiliate marketingend product in a sales funnel. This because the vendor will still make money for the products he or she has at the rest of the funnel or if you wish; at the backend… At a lot of affiliate product platforms and with many of the vendors out there you can sign up as an affiliate with them for free. Although affiliate marketing is considered on of the best ways to make money online, making money with affiliate marketing is not always that easy… Many marketers are struggling to make money online, some struggle to make any money at all online. When first starting out it can be difficult to grasp it all, how to make affiliate marketing work, how to make sales with affiliate marketing. Then what we need is someone to point us in the right direction, someone that also have the kind of results that we as well also want to have… This free report reveals how to use free traffic effectively to create residual income and automated traffic… Because sometimes free is good, not all free marketing tactics have to suck you know. What is revealed in the free report is strategies that I am using myself to generate more leads and sales into my business. But let us now go into where to find products to promote. There are several great platforms where you can find different affiliate products to promote,here follows a few  Still worth it?examples of such platforms;

  • Warriorplus
  • Jvzoo
  • Clickbank
  • Clickbetter
  • Amazon

Still worth it?

This was just a few examples but you can Google for more places where you can find products to promote. To have a list a responsive list is like gold when it comes to what is affiliate marketing and when wanting What is affiliate marketingit to work for you. But you can make sales without a list and again, how to make that possible is what I am revealing in that free report. Talking about lists, you should always building your list in anyway you can, because it makes the money making part of marketing that much easier. because then you have a list of potential buyers that you can email when ever you want to. So to make affiliate marketing work you have to tap into the strategies that truly works nd that produces leads and over time, sales for you. Welcome back to check out more of my content at a later time.


Tommy Olsson

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