Is blogging worth it?

Is blogging worth it?

Although some professional bloggers in fact are making a solid income by blogging, we can’t ignore the fact that many bloggers are struggling to make money from their blogs.

So it is no mystery why those struggling bloggers are asking themselves is blogging worth it really.

But why are they struggling? It could be many reason to why they are not making any money or very little money from their blogging. Let me mention a few reason for their struggling….. One reason could be that Is blogging worth itthey haven’t been consistent enough with their blogging or that they gave up on their blogging to soon. It could also be because they didn’t have the skills on how to rank their content high in the search results. It could be their choice of key words for their blog posts and that they failed ranking  for those particular keywords. Yes there are many details that could have had an impact on thrir struggling with their blogging. Is blogging worth it? It will be worth it if you treat blogging like a business and not some kind of hobby…. That means that you need to put in some hard work to see progress. You need to write at least 3-4 blog post per week. Is blogging blogging worth it? Yes it is but it takes hard work but it will be totally worth that hard work in the end.

The main thing…

The main thing is that you take action and start creating some content as well as sharing it in any way that you can. Although to know how seo works to ank your posts high in the search results,it is still most important that you in fact start to blog and that you are consistent with your blogging. To be regarded as an authority and leader in your niche share value ,share advice about different things about marketing and making money online. However you shouldn’t shar value for free in your blogging content. Yes you should share value to give answers to your readers possible question, but we are also blogging to make money. So in every blog post you need to write  call to action. It can be to motivate your readers for sign up for your free newsletter at your blog for instance. Because blogging is a great way to be building your list… Through your newsletter you can share the benefits with different affiliate products and this way build a income with your blog.

Is blogging worth it

Don’t have fear selling

Although we need to share fre value, do not be afraid to sell either, because this is a business. You should also have banners to different products at your blog at the side bar for instance. This so that when people are visiting your blog they may click one of your banners and purchase something from you.  Is blogging worth it? Yes it really is,but you will not make a ton of money over night by blogging, you need to put in a lot of work and stay focused on your blogging. Make each blog post as good as possible. And like I wrote earlier; treat your blogging like a business and not like a hobby and you will see results.


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