Email marketing is dead, or what is the truth?


Email marketing is dead, that what I have heard from several people lately.

They are claimings that email marketing is not worth the time they are putting into it and therfore they feel that email marketing is dead, and that email marketing simply doesn’t work.

You might have quessed by now that I have a different opinion about email marketing. But why are several marketers saying that email marketing is dead?  I believe that it might be so with the people that are saying that they are no longer using email marketing , that they might have given up to soon. They might have given up to soon on their possibilities to make some good money through their lists…

Can you do without it?

That is just a guess on my part though. It is true that some online marketers have reached success in their businesses without using a list to make that money, but I still believe that email marketing is a too good of a resource to leave out when building a business and a income online. It is great of course if people can make a good income online without using listbuilding, however I will continue to use email marketing in my business. Because many of the people that are making the big bucks online in fact has a huge or big list to send their emails to. So there must be a reason to why they so to say stay loyal to email marketing. Email marketing is dead? No, I think not… Becoming really successful with email marketing involves several parts, and I will go into them now. to see why email marketing is not dead, go here…

Email marketing is dead

When you know the secrets

When you know how to write in an entertaining way ,when you know how to get in contact with your subscribers desires, then yes then email marketing can become very profitable. Once you have the blueprint on how to make money from your list then you need to write a lot of emails to get better at your ad copy well as apply what you have learned through any email adcopy writing course. Because to get Email marketing is deadbetter  at writing emails you could need to invest in a product or simply subscribe to any top marketers email list. Why? Because then you can model their emails, but never ever steal! You model them to see how they write, how they structure those emails,how they are susing words etc. So yes email marketing works, when you work it in a proper way. Given your learning some time because you may not see results quickly but the more you write the better you will get at it. So rub away any thoughts from your mind about that email marketing is dead, because it really isn’t. If you have found value and liked this article then feel free to share it, thank you.


Tommy Olsson

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