Fake it until you make it, don’t do it

Fake it until you make it, that saying is something that some people and some marketers

are applying to their businesses.   am not here to point fingers at anyone particular,

I just want to share my own opinions about the fake it until you make it saying.


Some people seem to think that when you don’t have that much results in business, then its quite okay to fake it until you make it,but I do not agree with that. In my book it is always much better to always stay Fake it until you make itreal and by honest and transparent.To be honest with possible future costumers and everyone else also. As I am mentioning in the video above, if you don’t have that much results yourself, then ask a team mate if you can borroow their income prooofs. BUT, then you must of course mention that it is not your own results that you are showing off,but point out that this is the kind of money you can make through your business opportunity. I do not like the idea of fake it until you make it,because I believe that the truth will be revealed sooner or later regardless, so then it is best to be honest from the start.,..

The exeptions

There are situations when to fake it until you make it can work,and be acceptable,and then is when it comes to your selfi mage and confidence. You can fake it for yourself, you can connvince yourself that you are already successful as you want to be, you are already a big success. This to create moment for you and make you feel good about yourself. But to be liying about how much you are making in your business, that isFake it until you make it not right according to how I look at it anyway… The newbie friendly affiliate marketing that I am mentioning in the video above,can be acessed right here.

I think that you get much more respect from people by always to stay as real and honest as possible in different situations Feel free to share your opinions aboout fake it until you make it in the comment section. Because if you tella lie and then the truth comes out, well that could seriously damge your reputation as a marketer and entrepreneur. Keep it real, that is the best advice that I can give you… Because if you never lie then you do not have to remember what lies you have told.


Tommy Olsson.

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