Tutorial- How to embed youtube video in wordpress

Embed  youtube video in wordpress, into your wordpress blog.

this is something that you already know if you have been blogging for a while and doing marketing.

However, if you are new to blogging and blogs and do not fully understand how to embed youtube video in wordpress, well then this blogpost is for you.

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To begin with, what is embedding really?

Embedding videos basically means that you are adding a video from instance from youtube on your blog, in your blog posts, or on your website. You are able to add a youtube video to a blog post through the 2 methods that I am revealing in the video above…

Embed youtube video on wordpress

Let others do the work

I am not talking about being lazy here,I am talking about being smart. Because on youtube you can allow or choose to not allow other people to share your videos and embed them on their own resources like a blog,website or througha newsletter. But why should you let others embed your videos? What are the benefits with  allowing people to do that? Well. you will get more traffic and exposure to what ever you are sharing in your videos. We all want as much exposure to our marketing efforts, so it is really a good or even great idea to allow people to share and embed your videos. This way you get free targeted traffic from other peoples efforts. And why turn that possibility? When embediing videos from youtube you can also set it up so that the videos starts to paly automatically, or you can turn this feature off. You will see these options when you click on share and then clicking on embed. But there is another way to share a youtube video as well without using the youtube embed code. Find that method out by watching the video tutorial attached to this blog post. There you will see step by step how I am embedding a youtube video step by step, on this blog. You can actually embed a complete playlist on youtube, and you can learn how to do that by going here…

Hopefully you liked this blogpost and now knows how to embed youtube video in wordpress blogs. Do you have some more tips when it comes to embedding videos on wordpress? If so, feel free to leave your comments to this post.


Tommy Olsson

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