How to make money sending emails to your list

How to make money sending emails to your list.

There are a saying that goes “the money is in the list”. But then why are so many marketers struggling

to make money from their lists,struggling to make money sending emails? Probably because they havent learned proper email ad copy writing.

Or they have purchased a good adcopy writing course but haven’t applied what it teaches consistently enough. To be consistent is very important when you want to enjoy success in online marketing. so do not stop doing what you should for your business after a few days, stay at it and be really consistent.

Just touching the surface

It is possible to make money sending emails to your list, but it is also a numbers game. having a smalllist of 100 subscribers or 200 subscribers is really just to be touching the surface. The bigger list you have,and the more repsonsive it is the more money you will be making. That is if you have good ad copywriting skills. The course I ammentioning in my video abobve by the way, can be accessed here... It is a product I have learned a lot from when it comes to email marketing and ad copywriting.

Learn more about  how to make money sending emails here.

Make money sending emails

There are a few things that you need to be doing to actually make money sending emails to your list.

Those are;

  • Never bore your subscribers, entertain them.
  • Share stories with your list, to make them motivated to buy from you.
  • Don’t be to pitchy telling them how great this or that product is, be creative and make them smile by reading your emails.
  • Promote products but do it in a entertaining, none spamming way.
  • Be consistent with mailing your list of subscribers.

Without it you have nothing

Now about the saying “the money is in the list”, it is more like that the money is in the relationship with your list. It is all about building relationship with your subscribers and putting make money sending emailsyourself in their shoes,to connect with their emotions through your emails. it is great to have a big list, but if you can connect with them and their feelings and desires then that list will not be that valuable after all. Without relationship buidling with your list , you have nothing. Because you want your subscribers to like, know and trust you and you will be creating that by using story telling in your emails to your list. It is very powerful when it comes to making sales. So the key to be able to make money sending emails to your list is to entertain your subscribers. Never bore them, because nobody want to read or receive boring emails. make them smile, make them laugh when reading your emails.  if you are not making money through your list then you simply have to change something in your email marketing. Thank you for reading this article.



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